Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Villa Flora - Floriade 2012/GreenPark Venlo

Villa Flora is part of Venlo GreenPark/Floriade 2012 horticultural exhibition and is one of its landmark buildings. The building will serve as a greenhouse/landscape building and is a landmark for sustainability. The design is by the architect J. Kristinsson, in keeping with the Cradle to Cradle principles. The Villa Flora concept is an initiative of SIGN: Netherlands Foundation for Greenhouse Innovation. Villa Flora is at the centre of Floriade 2012. The ground floor will be used as the Floriade 2012 inner exhibition. After Floriade Villa Flora will be used as an office building (4000 m2) and exhibition space (6000 m2). The sun will be the driving force. There will be an optimum use of solar energy. No external energy is used.

The building will be CO2 neutral and energy self-sufficient. Because of the sloping roof, the building resembles a greenhouse. The concrete frame of the building can be dismantled and reused.

This enables fast construction time and ensures also an easy integration of all techniques which have to be applied. The building can therefore easily adapt to new developments in the field of sustainability. The building reuses organic waste in a sustainable loop.

There will be no discharge of waste water, rainwater will be recycled. By anaerobic digestion of organic waste into biogas and by means of a micro turbine the building provides itself with electricity. CO2 exhaust fumes will be used as a fertilizer for the plants in the greenhouse. A healthy indoor environment will be created and green plants and separation panels will improve acoustic values.
We are native to our place
Our waste is our food
The sun is our income
Our air, soil and water are healthy
We design enjoyment for all generations

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